New places to experience
New people to meet
Deals to cash in on

Vicinity is the best way to find out what's going on around you.
The only location based social network customized by you.

What's Happening?

The location based social networkin app where you're the center of your feed.



See what everyone around you is up to right now.



Business around the corner offering deals right now.



Connect with peers and places nearby.



New in town? Find the hot spots from locals.

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The Local Network

The app that allows you to interact with anyone or anything around you. If they're on Vicinity, you're connected.

With Vicinity - The Local Network, you're immediately presented with two feeds. Vicinity - Everyone can post where they're having the most fun, recomendations, etc. Deals - Businesses right around the corner will post deals that you can use right now! Why wait?



The Social Feed

  • See What's Happening

    Just scroll down your feed to see what's going on around you.

  • Stay In Touch

    Add someone as a Connection and get notified when they post.

  • Discover New Places

    See people's recommendations, photos, and ideas around you.

  • Customize Your Feed

    Adjust the distance and see more posts closer or further away from you.

  • Chat With People Around You

    Post, Comment, and Like, just like you're used to.

  • Grow Your Network

    Invite your firends to join Vicinity via Facebook, Text, E-mail, etc.


Get 'em all right now.

  • Discover New Places To Eat

    Check out deals from businesses right around the corner.

  • Get Notified of New Offers

    Add a business as a connection and you will be notified of all the latest offers and happenings.

  • Get Your Favorites on Vicinity

    Invite your favorite places to eat, shop, and go to be in your Vicinity.

  • Customize Your Feed

    Adjust the distance and see more posts closer or further away from you.

  • When is Happy Hour?

    See when bars and restaurants on Vicinity have a special running.

  • Why Wait?

    You're thirsty right now. Open Vicinity and see what bar nextdoor is offering the best deal.

Our Team

We out here.



Our Story

How did this happen?

As friends for decades, we've created Vicinity to solve the problem of what to do next. Vicinity is our vision to answer that very question we ask ourselves, our friends and family everyday. Whether it's looking for a new place to eat or drink, find out if there's a concert going on that night, or just to maximize our entertainment, we're always asking. With the help of all your amazing people utilizing Vicinity to the fullest, will answer that question: What do you want to do?

Stay Tuned

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